The government is gradually going to reopen the economy despite it being too soon or taking the summer or at least a little while longer to let things calm down. It really feels like it’s a reaping of sorts, sending people out when we know it’s only going to end in more people becoming sick. Those same people who get sick are going to cause the healthcare system to be overwhelmed, which presents a more dangerous problem, but what do I know? 

Yes, I realize that we have to open at some point. I’m not saying we should stay on lockdown FOREVER. However, I am saying it’s really too soon to move into opening the economy back up when there’s only going to be a resurgence of the virus. A virus that is still running rampant and a virus that we still know too little about. I mean, they just realized that children aren’t immune. Like, really?! It’s a DAMN virus! It affected everyone and in very different ways b/c it mutates, but again, what do I know? 


This is the reopening plan, which doesn’t seem that bad. However, the big part that seems to be missing is the steady decline in deaths and new cases. I mean, it takes up to two weeks before symptoms to show up and in that meantime, people can just be going about their merry way infecting others b/c they don’t know they’re infected. Like, I said… it’s too soon to reopen.

Anyway, I know a lot of big city areas and largely populated cities in the DMV have extended their entrance into phase one by two weeks b/c they don’t have a decline in new cases, yet other cities have already moved into phase one. I just think there’s a lot of people, who may not know they’re infected or have been exposed, so they aren’t being tested. Folks love to minimize shit, WHICH MAKES THIS SCARY!!! 


My goal isn’t to scare you b/c I’m sure you have enough media outlets telling you what’s what, however, my goal is to keep you informed, as I am informed and share what I know. Yes, we all want to stay healthy and safe. The more you know… ❤

Stay safe. Be careful. Stay healthy. Keep covered.