What are some things you’ve learned during this quarantine period?

Did you learn that self-care is paramount to sanity, health, and emotional stability? Did you learn that shopping for your household needs a different approach? Did you learn that your criticism of teachers was way out of line? Did you learn that your children are who the teachers said they were? Or did you learn that your relationship/marriage was truly tested during this time and some changes need to be made immediately before you can continue on? Did you learn that washing your hands is important? Did you learn that you have to take a different approach to your career path? Did you learn that your job or career path wasn’t enough? 


I ask b/c as many states began to reopen the economy in phases, there’s no doubt that nothing will be the same as it was before. Social distancing is a thing now. Masks are here to stay until there’s a vaccine. Sheltering-in-place may be necessary to keep yourself and family safe no matter if restaurants, salons, gyms, beaches, and shopping malls are opening again. COVID-19 is still here, so you still need to take the necessary precautions to see that you remain healthy.

I mean, think about it. We are reminded of the Spanish Flu that occurred back in 1918 and it killed 20-30 million people worldwide. We have yet to hit a peak or 2nd wave, which is surely going to be deadlier than the first wave. I cannot understand how Governors are ready to reopen the economy just b/c of some push back from the American people who don’t know shit anyway. So, what’s going to happen? All those who are so pressed to get out the house will get sick and then flood the hospitals causing the hospitals to be overwhelmed and then the real problem becomes something more dangerous.


Which brings me to schools and daycares… what if they reopen schools and daycares where germs spread so easily b/c children will be children. They aren’t as cautious as adults are and playing is their only concern. Will you send your child to school when they reopen? How will that be different from before? What will you do if you are scared to send your child back to school? Will you look for alternative schooling options? Will age factor into that?

I’m not looking for answers here, but on some level, try to get people to see that the world is different now, if you don’t see it already. Just b/c things are opening back up doesn’t mean anything other than it will be up to the families to keep themselves safe. Remembering that people are gonna people, these same people rallying for the economy to open back up are the same ones that probably don’t wear masks in the first place.


So, I ask: What will you do different this time around? What has being in quarantine changed for you? What new practices have you adopted? What will you do to keep yourself and your family safe, as we wait for a vaccine? 

I’ve learned to grab things when I see them while grocery shopping b/c it may not be there next time. I’ve learned that I will not be going back outside just b/c it’s allowed and restrictions have lessened. Yes, I need my hair done, but I’ve managed just fine thus far and can hold out a little while longer. My eyebrows are a different story. 🤦🏾‍♀️ I’ve learned that remote working is great, but I wouldn’t want to do it every day… 2-3x a week is plenty. Therapy is more necessary now more than ever before. 

Y’all be safe out there. Be careful. Be vigilant. ❤