How many of you struggle with trauma, but attribute it to other things? What do you write it off as? How about when that thing is gone and it reappears, does it become something different or remain the same? 

What does it look like when it appears? Is it ugly? Does it cause a disruption? Do you notice it right away or does it take a while? Does it attack relationships or does it attack you specifically? Does it show up in your thoughts or does it show up verbally? Emotionally? See, the thing about trauma is that when it’s not addressed, it can manifest into anything and show up anywhere in your life. See a previous post here.


I ask b/c trauma comes from our childhood, our parents, our experiences, our environment (what we’ve been exposed to), and research have shown, our DNA. Can you think back to a time where something may have happened that was traumatic? Do you know that that could be where your maturity has stopped progressing b/c that trauma was never addressed properly and allowed to heal? 

What about when you start to heal. What does that look like to you? Maybe something like this? Did you know that healing can be passed down thought our DNA just like trauma? But I guess you’ve figured out that not enough healing has taken place in some cases, so how would you know. Well, it’s possible!


How do you know when you’ve fully healed from something? Does healing have a time limit? Do two people have the same healing process? What differs in one process that’s absent or present in another? 

I’m not asking these questions for you to answer here. I’m asking them to get you to think critically about being fully, really, and truly, totally, and completely healed from trauma, detriment, pain, and woe. No, it’s not a journey you should take alone. It’s a journey that should be taken with a professional in order to guide you when you need that gentle push, that encouragement, that nudge.

I want you to understand that healing is a good thing, but getting to the other side can be painful and rewarding. Like, childbirth… a painful process, but the baby is worth it! 😊😊 Seriously, I just want you all to think about healing. What it means to you. What it can mean to be free and the sacrifice you’re willing to give to achieve it. I guarantee that once you complete the work, it’ll be worth it. ❤