A lot of social activities in our world have been shut down. Movies, restaurants, bars, conferences, sporting events, schools, work (for most people), curfews are imposed, and even the most private gatherings of 10+ people. This has coined the phrase, social distancing, which means to keep your distance, being in isolation, in quarantine, becoming a homebody, confined to your home, getting in touch with your introvert side.

Guess who is trying to figure out what introverts do now? Everyone that is used to being on the go! Time to slow down and get in touch with that side that’s forced to be quiet all the time and give in to the extrovert in you. Guess what tho? Here’s a sneak peek about introverts and more, hereFB_IMG_1560051054829.jpg

Introverts love reading, writing, reflecting, watching TV (you know that DVR is full), resting, thinking, or even just entertaining ourselves. We’re natural homebodies that can be alone and not be lonely. When this quarantine deal came around, we’ve been ready! It’s what we DO! It’s not a drill! It’s GO TIME! 

However, since people have no place to really go now, things are really gonna get… REAL! Marriages are going to be tested. People are really gonna see if they LIKE their spouses b/c they actually have to spend time together and there’s nowhere to hide. Here’s my personal favorite: 

You Madd

Listen, kids are cool and all. However, you know Johnny and Te’Shara, Kelly and Ethan ain’t no damn angels. Stop lying to yourselves. You know you look forward to a break from their asses, now you got ’em for 2 weeks or more. You can thank Corona for that tho!

I’m not trying to sound negative here at all. I’m just saying this will be an adjustment for some people and it will be harder on some than others. Let’s all be patient with each other as this is a hard time and it’s definitely unprecedented. People are panicking and hoarding, which I think is doing too much, but the media is TRASH for their bullshit reporting, so what else is new. 

Here are some things that can help if you still need to decide what’s good and what’s not so good to do. See, checking on an elderly neighbor is what I was talking about here. Overall, I know this will pass like the other diseases that have swept through the world such as Ebola virus, Zika virus, and others. It may take some lives, like the others, but I know it will pass.


We just have to bide our time, continue to mitigate the risks, and wash our hands! Soon enough, things will be back to normal, which is my prayer. ❤