I have to admit… since I started and finished my graduate school education, I realize just how pointless, annoying, and ridiculous learning and being confined to a classroom must have been for me as a child and how the world will get a taste of online education for once.

Let me back up… I have learned in a brick and mortar school from Kindergarten through college. My grades were okay to good, but I realized in college that sitting in a classroom wasn’t for me when I started taking my laptop to school in 1999. I never paid attention in class! You couldn’t pay me enough to pay attention b/c I didn’t care about someone lecturing me. That’s just not how I learned best. I would get Cs when I took notes, maybe Bs if I was lucky.


It wasn’t until I got to graduate school in 2015 and started churning out As that I realized that I learned better in an online school environment. I mean, I made straight As all throughout graduate school. I was in three (3) honor societies, President’s List every quarter, and everything! I just excelled, but you wouldn’t know that from my college grades or even my high school grades even tho they were good. 

I’m not trying to brag, but I wanted to make a point and show the difference in how I realized that I learned better online in an online environment than in a classroom with four (4) walls… and now that schools are closed and are forced to submit to online learning, I wonder how many students will excel b/c they learn better that way as well? 


I know some parents are wondering how to work things out between their children learning from home and working from home themselves. I mean, it’s a huge adjustment for everyone b/c certainly nobody expected the whole ass world to shut down amidst a global health crisis, but here we are.

I just wanted to say, allow the children to get used to the online environment, as it may be new to them. Watch them, see if they excel. This period in life may be challenging, but it may be necessary. It could be telling you to get your child(ren) out of school and allow them to blossom b/c that classroom is stifling their creativity and their learning potential. ❤