I know that having children is a blessing. It’s one of those things that women come equipped in this world to do, if they so choose. However, do you as a mom get overwhelmed by the demands of your child or children? Do you know what’s causing your anger or sadness or disconnection? Here’s a start:


Some of these are downright important. I mean, they are the most basic of needs such as food and sleep. Yet, those are the things that sometimes moms don’t get to enjoy too much especially the sleep and downtime. 

Do you know any women, who are first-time parents, but get lost in their children? Like, they have no identity outside of their children. They literally put their whole lives on hold to cater to their children, yet when those children are grown, they struggle to find themselves again.


Now, I’m not saying this is an issue… if you do this, that’s okay. However, what I am saying is that you have an identity outside of your children. You were a person before your children came along. Don’t lose who you ARE just b/c you’re now a mommy. That’s only one part of who you are, not the totality you are. 

I just wanted to add some helpful things that can get you back on track. Things that will help you find out what it is that will make your soul sing and what lies in your heart, at the very core of you. Yes, self-care works but getting to the core takes inner work that’s not even reached or done by self-care alone.

I want you to get inside of who you are and keep that fire lit. Keep that fire glowing and burning for what makes you happy and content b/c your children will have their own thing, what’s yours? Whatever it is, don’t forget it and don’t lose it. ❤