We’ve had this conversation before: women of color go to the hospital to have their babies, hopefully, in a safe and comfortable environment only to find that the staff is just as evil and trifflin’ as you can be. Post here and here, if you missed it. Yet, you have to trust them b/c you can’t have this baby on your own, right? 

So, what are you supposed to do? Endure their nastiness? Allow them to ignore your pain? Pray that someone notices your monitor before you pass out? Like, when will the bullshit end? Well, this article here points out some pretty powerful phrases that can help you get someone’s attention fairly quickly. 

Just a Pause:

“It is really important to me that…”

“We haven’t met yet. Who are you?”

“Please explain before proceeding.”

“Please call the translator.” 

“Please ask for permission.”

“You do not have my permission.”

“I would like another provider/nurse to care for me.”

“I am calling 9-1-1.”

“I’d like to speak to the patient advocacy department.”

“I’m calling my lawyer.”

You see, when you start throwing around words like lawyer, advocacy, lawsuit, and permission… people start to get nervous and scared. Then, they know other words will soon follow like administrative leave, without pay, HR, and terminated will mean they will be out of a job soon.

It Clicks:

People love to treat people horribly, but then cry crocodile tears when they get caught or called out on their bullshit like they weren’t just participating in the bullshit an hour ago. That’s called manipulation. Don’t let them FAKE tears stop you from calling them out on their very REAL behavior and attitude that could have endangered your life and the life of your unborn child. 


Many women of color are STILL dying out here and it’s because people in positions of power in the healthcare system refuse to see them. Make sure they see YOU! If it doesn’t feel right… If it doesn’t sound right… SAY SOMETHING! ❤