People are upset about Kobe Bryant’s death as they should be. He meant a lot to many, many people. What I don’t understand is how people tell other people how they should grieve. If you are a human being, someone passing away should be sad. That’s the appropriate reaction to a person dying and losing their life. 

Not b/c you knew someone personally, but b/c you’re a human being and you have feelings and emotions that work properly. Kobe Bryant’s death was sad and tragic. Some people would call it untimely b/c NOBODY knew it was going to happen and people were SHOCKED when it did. 


Not only did Kobe pass away, but his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, passed away as well. She was a child full of life and potential. Kobe still had things he wanted to accomplish as well. He was only 41. Those are things he will never get to do now.

His daughter will never get to go to UCONN or play in the WNBA. Those were dreams she had and they were achievable! In her honor, UCONN reserved a chair for her with the #2 jersey, saying she’s forever a Husky! 


I love that Gianna had hopes and dreams. She wanted to be just like her father. I’m sure he was very proud of her following in his footsteps. However, when God calls you home, you have to answer that call b/c your work on Earth is done and sometimes, that’s not for us to understand.

However, one thing I will never be okay with or understand is someone telling others how to grieve, how long someone should grieve, or when someone should “get over” someone passing. I don’t care if you knew them personally or not.

I didn’t know Kobe personally, but his death was sad and tragic for me. Now, I didn’t shed any tears b/c I’m not emotional like that, but it did affect me. Just like when we lost Nipsey Hussle and when we lost Bernie Mac, Aretha Franklin, John Witherspoon, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson. 

Those are people whose work was instrumental in my life and nobody told me that I couldn’t grieve b/c I didn’t personally know them. That doesn’t even make sense. 


What’s the point? Glad you asked. 

Let people do them. Let people take their time and space to process what just happened. Death affects everyone differently and people grieve differently. Give people the chance to figure out what that means for them just like you would want that space if it was your fave that had just passed. ❤