I know, I know… children are inquisitive, but it’s important for them to be able to express themselves b/c there’s so much to know and explore. 

But, 447 questions/day?! Why must you want to know everything in one day little one? That’s a lot of… but why? But why? But why? It’s enough to drive anyone crazy, right?


So, tell me… how do you deal with the questions? Do you answer a few questions and then make up answers just to stump/quiet them? Do you answer a few questions and then tell them to ask their older siblings or the other parent? I mean, teachers can weigh in too!

The reason that I ask is b/c children will always children. They aren’t going to stop being inquisitive unless they think or believe they are wrong for asking questions. Then, when they NEED to ask questions, they won’t and that will open the door for other issues.


What’s my point? Glad you asked.

While you may get tired of answering questions in the evening from your adorable 5-year-old, don’t make them feel bad for asking them. Always allow them to ask.

So that when it counts, they will continue to ask questions without shame or second-guessing themselves b/c of the childhood memories of their curiosity being shutdown. Let that marinate. ❤