People often think introverts are synonymous with socially inept, awkward, or loners. None of that is true. Yes, we are very different from extroverts, but only in the way in which we enjoy people, recharge, and relate to the outside world as a whole. Here are a few ways in which you can relate to the introverts in your lives. 


See, we like things like books and reading, quality time to talk and converse, no crowds, respecting our boundaries, and our ever-loving need for alone time to recharge. None of this means that we don’t enjoy being social or have a hard time with it. It just means that being social takes a lot of our energy. 

One thing about extroverts, they have the social game down pat and they rarely slow down. Yet, when they do… it becomes a different ball game, one they are not running or in control of, which can make them uncomfortable depending on their perspective. 


So, if you have an introvert in your life and you’ve been wondering how to relate or even how to reach out to them… meet them on their level. Find out what they like and talk about it. Do something they like to do, for once. Spend some time in their world. I guarantee you’ll learn something you never knew about them before. 

They are very interesting. They know a lot of knowledge about different topics, random trivia, and can be your favorite inner nerd/geek. All you have to do is give them a shot. Do something different. It will be worth it. #IntrovertUnite ❤