Y’all know I am a big supporter of going to therapy and asking for help when needed. Well, guess what… It took me a while before I went to therapy. 


In 2017, I was working full-time, in graduate school full-time, going to an internship part-time, and had to find time to eat, sleep, and practice self-care. Let’s just say, that I never found time for self-care. 

After 4 months of this, I was breaking down. After 6 months, I crashed. HARD! I quit school, refused to talk about it. I quit the internship refused to talk about it. I knew I needed to see a therapist. 

But, for a year and a half, this was me… 


I was doing everything I could to avoid seeing a therapist. I bought a PlayStation Pro and a bunch of games and played them. That helped for a while. I hung out with friends on occasion. I watched TV. Never indulged in drugs or alcohol, it wasn’t my thing.

Everyone that asked about school and how it was going, I would snap. I didn’t want to talk about it. Finally, I started getting in trouble at work. I was talking back to my supervisors. Saying what I wanted to clients. Not talking at all. Just trying to cope, but cracking at the seams. 

I was suspended from work, then a few months later, I got a therapist. Last year, right after Thanksgiving. It will be a year on 11/28. I said all this to say, don’t let things get too bad before you realize that help is out there.


Talk to someone if you need to and start the healing process. ❤