I reread The Trap like I said I would, post here, b/c I had some downtime due to an upcoming surgery. The last time it was a bit confusing for me. That confusion was due to other things going on in my life at the same time that I was reading this book.

The rules for this 2nd part are simple. If my review differs in any way, then I will post an update and link these reviews together. If not, then I will update this post to reflect that I have reread it and my thoughts are still the same. 🙃😉

The Trap by Melanie Raabe


Meet Linda Conrads, a best-selling author by trade. She also suffers from crippling social anxiety. Well, about 12 years ago, she suffered a horrible tragedy. She had the displeasure of finding her sister, Anna, dead. Given the fact that, at that moment, there was a lot going on, she even managed to catch a look at the person responsible.

The problem is; he’s never been caught. So, what does Linda do? Envision ways to catch him herself. Why? B/c she’s obsessed with the fact that Anna didn’t get any justice and he’s allowed to roam the world free and unbothered. 


I would like to say that after being in the house b/c I couldn’t drive for 2 weeks, reading books hit a bit differently. I mean, I really couldn’t go anywhere b/c I also lost my keys for 4 days, so I was stuck, stuck, but I digress.

Anyway, my recommendation is to read this book. Give it an honest try. I liked it the second some around b/c you pick up on things that you normally miss or overlook the first time around mostly due to the distractions around you.

I enjoyed it! I really think it gives you a look into social anxiety as well since that’s been a hot topic lately. Some people think they know what a mental illness is, but until you have one or know someone with one personally, you really wouldn’t get it. Post here.

If you read it or listened via audiobook, let me know your thoughts. Comment below.