A mother-daughter relationship can be many things: fun, loving, difficult, enmeshed, codependent, friendly, conditional, harsh, complicated, superficial, toxic, and non-existent. Either way, you know that’s your mother and you only get one. 


Being a teenager isn’t easy by any means either. That’s the toughest life stage to grow through, in my opinion, but we all go through it. So, it’s not a surprise when a mother and a teenage daughter aren’t getting along. 

Well, this mother, Ms. Chavon Kilpatrick had some problems trying to connect her teenage daughter, Jordyn. She tried many ways to connect and nothing was working. Then, this happened…


She came up with the Mom and Me journal, so that Jordyn could hopefully open up and express herself. This was an olive branch that Chavon was using to reach out to her daughter. 

I mean, we all know what happens when teenagers feel like they are being left out, ignored, neglected, or left to their own devices. They go out and look for that attention elsewhere, which leads to them finding it in the wrong places.

I truly applaud this mom for trying to reach her daughter “by any means necessary” before she lost her. Who knows where this may lead and what their open lines of communication may unearth within their relationship, but this start is amazing! 


I think the best thing Chavon did was remain open to suggestions when it came to Jordyn. B/c sometimes your children can teach you, the same way you teach them things. It was probably at the open point, when she got a breakthrough to try the journal idea.

I think that a lot of parents think that just b/c they are adults, they know everything and that’s not true. Nobody likes a know-it-all. Remaining teachable is the best thing you can do for yourself. Life is about learning and there’s always room for improvement. ❤