Last week, an artist by the name of Summer Walker canceled her tour b/c of her social anxiety. Of course, that opened up a plethora of comments from the peanut gallery.

B/c people just have to put in their 2¢ like Summer Walker is going to sit by her laptop with her cup of tea and read their specific comments. Then, came the memes. Why? B/c the Internet is undefeated and they are gonna get them jokes off.

Yes, some of the memes were funny. As a Simmer, the meme with the plumb-bob above her head took me smooth out!! I laughed. I laughed from a good healthy place b/c I wasn’t ready and didn’t expect it. Man, the Internet is ruthless. 


Anyway, one thing I couldn’t do is finish reading the ignorant comments I saw on that FB thread. Some people should really learn that keeping quiet, and for others STFU, is FREE! 

Peanut Gallery Foolishness:

“Oh, she shouldn’t work in a job that requires her to mingle with the public.”

“Why don’t she find something else to do?”

“This is stupid, that’s her job… get over it.”

I mean, these are real comments from people who have NO CLUE what anxiety is or what it does to someone. 


Anxiety is fear of the unknown. It’s a message in your brain that you should be scared of something that will probably never happen, but there are many other manifestations of it and it can form differently in different people. 

Anxiety is not something you can just GET OVER. It’s not something that you can just make go away b/c you have a job to do or someplace to be. It’s not something you can push to the side when you feel like it. When it’s there, it has to be taken care of properly.

Anxiety is a mental illness that does not have a cure, but it can be managed and treated. Many people have anxiety, b/c it’s quite common. It can be treated with regular therapy sessions, medications, or any number of other holistic ways such as meditation or mindfulness practices. 


You can figure out a way to bring yourself back into yourself and try to calm down. You can ensure that you don’t believe the hype that your brain is telling you because your brain is a powerful thing, post here.

You can ensure you don’t make things worse for yourself at that moment by going down that negative rabbit hole. Going down that rabbit hole is nothing but a dead-end along with more pain and woe. Here’s another grounding exercise to try…


Of course, none of these exercises will take the place of seeing a licensed therapist. This is only to help you along until you find one, post here. Please see a licensed therapist if you struggle with any form of depression, anxiety, PTSD, or any other mental illness. 

Don’t let the negative connotation of therapy and the stigma keep you from getting the necessary help you need to take charge of your life and live happily and healthy. You deserve to live your best life and that means taking care of your mental health along with your physical health. ❤