I am probably the LAST person on the face of the Earth that should be talking about socializing b/c I am the Queen of Introverts… However, when it comes to children, I completely agree with this list.

If you want your children to be good, civil, good-natured, caring, fair, well-adjusted, honest, humble, empathic, well-balanced, patient, and kind… they need to have good social skills, right? 


So, here we are… a world with billions of people in it. 

People are not going anywhere. There will always be other people around and they will be everywhere you go. Learning to live among other people starts right in your home with your mom, dad, sisters, brothers, and pets or whoever makes up your immediate family.

Of course, you won’t always get along. There’s sibling rivalry, competitions, debates, arguments, personality clashes, whatever. That’s normal. I’m saying that you get your social practice and you learn first, right in your own home. What you learn at home, you will mimic outside your home. 

So, what is my point? Glad you asked… 😉

My point is that all of these skills are necessary to survive as a social being, an adult. We know that children grow up to become fully functioning adults. The world will assume that you are able to show one of these skills when necessary. Why? B/c by then you’ve had tons of practice and should be able to deploy it when necessary.

cdc0e456b567f69376d4bf6599c720f4Okay, so then why are there still fully grown adults out here with none of these skills?! Well, you have parents who never learned the skill themselves and they can’t teach what they don’t know, so… let me digress before I start ranting. 🥴🥴

Anyway, I’m simply saying take the time with your children to teach them to be gentle, loving, and kind. Teach them the right way to treat and respect our older generations b/c the recent story about the two teenage brothers beating up the old man broke my heart. 💔💔 Article here.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Maybe we need to get back to that. What do you think? Should we get back to the “village” concept? Comment below.