I saw a post on FB asking for writers for a guest spot on a blog, Look What Love Made, and they were going to talk about mental health and pregnancy. 

Those are two topics I know a little bit about. Anyway, I asked the owner of the blog, Amber, if I could share my story even tho my story was a bit different than what she was looking for. 

When she heard what I was going to write about, mainly TTC and mental health, she was happy I had reached out to her and stated that she’d love to read whatever I would share, but the post had to be at least 1000 words. 


Well, I started jotting down notes and when I looked up… I had 1600 words. I thought, oh no! Amber’s going to be mad that I went over the limit. I emailed her to ensure it was okay that I went over. She was fine with it. 

When I finally fine-tuned and finished the work of art that had become my article for Amber’s blog, I had 2000+ words and pictures. Go figure! 😛

See when you tell me to write, I’m gonna write, write. That’s how serious writing is to me. I go in!!!

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An Excerpt

Having all that support from friends and family is great until you have to share the news that you’re not pregnant. I really didn’t expect that “not pregnant” news to hit me like it did. I wasn’t prepared for the emotional toll it would take on me. I just felt horrible. Having to relive that story 5-6 times was even worse.

Everyone was like, “Oh, God’s timing is perfect,” “It will happen when it’s supposed to,” “I’m sorry CJ.” 

Without further ado: My first guest spot, in my own words… Pregnant with Nothing, But Anxiety, click here. ❤

**If you want me to have a guest spot on your blog or website: contact me here.**