giphyLet me be honest and transparent here for a second. As someone who has been down this road, I can honestly say… this is so painful to hear, deal with, and tolerate from family, friends, and colleagues alike. 

No woman wants to be reminded that they are on some arbitrary timeline that society made up. No woman wants to be pressured into moving quicker than her relationship should.

No woman wants to be reminded that her husband/fiance/SO can stray if they don’t produce children at the drop of a dime. Do you know how hard it is or how ignorant you sound? 


Now, while you may think that what you’re saying or insinuating is harmless or motivating… IT’S NOT!! They are on their own timeline, not yours! If you are still fuzzy about what I mean, check out the posts here and here.

tenorIt’s stressful, tiring, and exhausting! You don’t know what issues could be keeping them from conceiving. You don’t know what they are doing to help themselves. You DON’T know! 

I advise you to simply KEEP your mouth shut, let them have time to practice coitus in peace and when a baby comes along, be there to love on them and that baby.

Or you can help them by: Doing the laundry. Making them a dish. Watching the baby and letting mom nap/shower. Going to the grocery store for them. Tidying up their home for them, if they allow it. 

I mean, there are lots of ways to help, but flapping your gums ain’t one of them. Until then, 🗣SHUT UP!! ✌🏾