As many of you know, I love to read books. I also love unique ways that allow books to be distributed in the community such as a family did, post here

Well, in New York, JetBlue is using vending machines to give out books. Article here.


These books are free and will be distributed in all five boroughs. Here’s a list: 

  • Brooklyn: Brownsville Recreation Center | 1555 Linden Blvd. | Brooklyn, NY 11212
  • Bronx: PAL, Inc. New South Bronx Center | 991 Longwood Ave | Bronx, NY 10459
  • Manhattan: Riverbank State Park | 679 Riverside Drive | New York, NY 10031
  • Queens: Queens Public Library – Main Branch | 89-11 Merrick Blvd | Jamaica, NY 11432
  • Queens: Ocean Bay Community Cornerstone | 57-10 Beach Channel Drive | Arverne, NY 11692
  • Staten Island: Faber Park | Richmond Terrace | Staten Island, NY 10302

giphy (1)These vending machines full of free books are provided by JetBlue as a part of a literacy initiative called Soar with Reading. They are placed in areas with the greatest need.

The article states, “The goal is to place the machines in neighborhoods where the ability to purchase age-appropriate books is limited. Children and their parents are encouraged to take as many books as they want, as often as they want, throughout the summer.” 

Finally, the books will be restocked every two weeks and there will be two options, English and Spanish. 

A Praise in my Spirit:

giphy (3)I want to say that I love the idea of making book free and available so that children can read as much as possible. I know that as a child, I read a lot of books.

Most of the time, I was on punishment, but that’s not the point. 🤭🤭

On a serious note, I think that the more access children have to books the more they will begin to see that all things are possible. It’s really true, you don’t know what’s possible until you read it in a book, see it for yourself, or know someone that does it. 💯

A Word of Advice:

Not much to say except that I love that a big company, like JetBlue, has a literacy program. I hope that more companies invest in the pursuit of reading b/c there are so many perks that come with it, post here if you missed it.

For starters, it can bring joy, increase vocabulary, and strengthen the imagination. I mean, nothing but good things happen when you read. Go, enjoy a good book! 📚