Teaching children how to handle their emotions is a big task especially when the parents aren’t skilled at handling their own emotions. 

WHEW CHILLAY!! 🤯 Let me say that again… 

It’s hard to teach children to handle their emotions, when the teachers (parents) themselves aren’t skilled at handling their own emotions.


I mean, let’s be real… there are A LOT of adults running around with their own children and still behave like children themselves especially when it comes to dealing with their feelings.

What do I mean? 

They can’t communicate at an adult level. That’s why ghosting is a thing. Gaslighting is a thing. Passive-aggression is a thing. However, we ain’t here to shade adults that act like children today. Besides, let’s remember… 



We’re talking about teaching our babies to deal with their feelings by using their words to express themselves, sitting with them to understand them, and learning channel them into something positive. 💯

Having them understand that it’s okay to feel how they feel, but it’s not okay to stomp up the stairs, throw things, or hit people b/c they are feeling this way… is a huge start. Article here.

 Some other tips to help children through their emotions are:

  • Let them know that they are not alone.
  • They are being heard at this moment.
  • They will feel better again, this feeling will pass.
  • Take a break, pause, take a breath.
  • Reassure them of their goodness and kindness.
  • Let’s have a do-over! We all make mistakes, that’s how we learn.
  • What can we learn from this moment?

One big lesson in teaching our children about emotions and handling them properly is that when they grow up, they will continue to do it and with enough practice, they will become emotionally mature and intelligent adults. ❤