I found this picture on Facebook and a lot of people were bashing this girl’s parents b/c they found her behavior, FROM A PICTURE, disturbing and appalling.

They were saying things like, “This is gross,” “What are her parents teaching her?” “What is she being exposed to?” “This is child abuse/neglect.” I’m sure you can imagine the turn it took from there. Just like you’d expect. 

People are gonna people and you can’t correct everyone on the Innawebs. However, you can make it clear for anyone within your reach, who could have the wrong idea whether they say so or not. #teachablemoment


A Rant in my Spirit:

tenor (1)I chose to pose this picture to inform some people of some things especially those people who think like the people above. 

First of all, this child is mimicking what she sees at home. What this tells me is that she has a mother, who has a baby or babies that she breastfeeds. The daughter has seen the mother breastfeed the baby and she’s breastfeeding her baby. 

She’s discovered that her mom keeps her crying baby quiet by putting her/him on the teat, so she’s going to do the same when her baby cries. See how that works.

Secondly, there’s nothing wrong with what this child is doing. She’s not neglected. She’s not abused. She’s playing mommy, as all children do. It’s make-believe. It’s for pretend. It’s also how their imagination grows and expands.

tenorThird, seeing how black and brown children are over-sexualized and aren’t allowed to be children when they are CLEARLY children… I’m not surprised that some people jumped to this conclusion about this baby. She can’t be older than 3, maybe 4 years old.

Honestly, people really disgust me with their ability to take something so innocent and turn it into something so dirty. Breastfeeding isn’t dirty, please click here, for my other post about it.

Word of Advice

download (1)Focus on something else! 

Let children be children. Let them play pretend house, doctor, and teacher or whatever. Stop hindering their growth b/c you don’t understand.

If you don’t get something, ask. If you want to ask, google

I’m not saying you don’t have the right to be concerned if there IS a real concern. However, don’t make one where there isn’t one.

You only interrupt something that comes naturally thus sending unnecessary messages that they are doing something wrong when they aren’t. It’s really you projecting fear.

Do yourself and your child a favor, do some research before you interrupt them. Google is forever FREE.