Teachers. School. Learning. Teaching. All are necessary in today’s world. Children have to get an education, especially up to high school, as it’s required by the Government. 

Surely, we don’t want to have children out here as adults with no way to support themselves or have a shot at life, so they must finish high school at least.

When we think about teaching and teachers, we usually hope that our children have good ones along the way b/c this school journey is so important. However, schools are losing good teachers and here’s why one left. Article here.


Article Highlights:

  • Jessica Gentry, 34, left her job as a teacher. Here’s a loose explanation as to why:
    • Parenting and society have changed. Parents are working crazy hours, consumed by their devices, leaving children in unstable parent/co-parent situations, terrible media influences… Kids are the innocent victims of that.
    • Technology. They need “21 Century” schools. 1:1 student to technology. Well, let’s forget relationship building and hands-on learning. Kids are already unable to read social cues and conduct themselves properly in social settings. So, let’s throw more devices at them.
    • Since technology isn’t working, it’s the teachers that need more training. Take away planning periods. Teach teachers, then the students. Attend training on school days. Less time with students. Administer training to students, takes 3 weeks.
    • Not holding parents accountable. There’s a customer service mindset. Parents aren’t partners, they are customers. Parents miss letters that are sent home. Little Johnny ain’t in school, he can’t be taught. They want to go on field trips, yet spend all their time on their phones. Miss conference days, parents standing up teachers. Can’t tell their child “no.”
    • Mental and physical health in jeopardy. It takes a toll on you when you ask for support and but don’t get it, when you are told not to worry, but you do b/c you’re passionate about your work. Go home to zone out, become emotional eaters, and have a short fuse with family.


  • She laid this all out in more words than what’s here, as it has been shortened. However, the post went viral on FB.
  • She feels the children deserve better than what they are receiving from all sides of the equation; parents, teachers, administrators, etc.
  • She feels children don’t have a safe space at home, where the learning and teaching starts.
  • Watching them come in… dirty clothes… chaos at home… and knowing they need more than you can give them in a classroom of 21, with less and less support, multiple [sic] languages spoken, several different disabilities… it breaks you, she said.
  • Concluding her viral post, Jessica said she realized ‘you can’t save them all’. ‘You can’t even help 21 if you aren’t healthy yourself. If your mental and physical health [isn’t] a focus, you aren’t even good for the 21,’ she said.

  • ‘I left my retirement fund… my paid sick leave (46 days left on the table, unpaid). I didn’t leave for better pay,’ she added.

  • Jessica explained that she has chosen to dedicate her love and passion to her daughter, and work to help other mothers ‘show up’ for their children at home, as she said: ‘I really do believe it starts here’.
  • Since she shared her touching post on Facebook, it has accumulated over 254,000 likes and over 200,000 shares.

  • There’s more, read here.

A Rant in my Spirit:

downloadThere’s not a rant for the teacher, Jessica Gentry, b/c I absolutely believe her. Totally and completely. 💯

I have said on here many, many times that I don’t think I will ever send my child(ren) to a public school b/c things have changed drastically since I attended them in the 80s-90s.

The caliber of teachers is definitely different. The parents are different, therefore the children are different. Things have changed and that’s okay… it’s just not for me or mine.

Jessica is right. Teaching starts at HOME… with the PARENTS! It’s the parents’ job to ensure their child is in the right environment to thrive in school.

The children are being ignored b/c of a DEVICE. They don’t have a safe space to be themselves, be heard, be taught how to act, learn to strive to be better than their circumstances/situations.

As a result, we have a generation of children who attach self-esteem to likes and comments on IG, FB, and Twitter. They are more bullies and ways to bully than before. Children are committing suicide at alarming rates, younger and younger.

The children suffer; when the parents, teachers, administrators, and community don’t work together, which was one of Jessica’s points.

I get why she quit and she made some very valid concerns. I don’t doubt that many other teachers feel this way, so to make up for the passionate teachers… school hire anyone with the right qualifications and thus there’s another problem, post here.

Word of Advice:

download (1)There are many other schools and ways to teach children than the traditional way of attending a brick and mortar, such as virtual schooling, international schools, private schools, homeschooling, world schooling, unschooling, immersion schooling, etc. The list goes on and on.

I appreciate these alternate ways to learn b/c I realized that I learn better when attending a virtual school. Brick and mortar, lectures, and the old fashioned ways of learning/teaching don’t work for me and may not work for my child(ren).

I didn’t learn that virtual schooling worked better for me until graduate school. I was an ADULT! By that time, I had worked as hard as I could to pay attention, but sometimes, it was a lost cause and that was reflected in my grades.

However, I tell you what… I have a 4.0 GPA in graduate school. Something that I NEVER, EVER achieved in the traditional way of schooling. Of course, that was the only way to learn in the 80s-90s, but it’s not the only way to learn now.

So, I encourage you all to think about that when considering schools for your child. No, everyone can’t afford to homeschool or private school or whatever. I just encourage you to find out the way your child learns best, then allow them to excel in that way.

I guarantee you’ll see a change in their grades, attitude towards school, and their motivation to learn. 😉