This book is another recommendation from the FB book group. I have enjoyed every recommendation thus far except one. When I saw this book mentioned, after hearing all the chatter about it, of course, I had to give it a try just to see what all the fuss what about.

I have read Tiffany D. Jackson’s work before in Allegedly, post here, and I loved that book. I knew that I liked her style of writing, but she really hit me with a different way to tell a story with this one.

Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson


This book is about two best friends, Claudia and Monday, 13 and 14, respectively. They do everything together. They dance, do each other’s hair, they share clothes. They eat the same foods. I mean, they are really more like sisters. Except for one thing, Monday and Claudia are from two different walks of life.

Monday is the more studious one, but she comes from a completely dysfunctional family. A single mother, sisters named; April and Tuesday, and a brother named August. The father is nowhere to be found. The mother is a mean lady. Talks to her children any kind of way. Drinks. Smokes. Lazy. You name it. They live in the Ed Borough projects. 

Claudia comes from a more traditional family. A mother and father. Christians. Helps the homeless. Law abiding citizens. Affluent neighborhood and lifestyle. Both parents work. Mom cooks. Dad is involved in her life. However, Claudia has some problems. She can’t spell, most likely has a learning disability that’s gone unnoticed by her parents and teachers. Sheltered. She lives vicariously through Monday. 

When Monday goes missing one day, Claudia is seemingly the only one that cares. Nobody else seems to notice. Nobody seems to believe her. There’s a teacher, but even she gives up at some point. Where’s Monday? That’s the question that Claudia has and nobody can seem to answer.

Real Life

Sadly, children go missing all the time. However, this book seems to resemble a case that actually happened back in 2015, where a Detroit mother, killed two of her children, placed them in a freezer, then went on about life as usual. She NO remorse about doing it b/c they sexually abused their youngest brother. 

The story can be found here. It was heart-breaking. Gut-wrenching. Sick. Demented. Twisted. Like, it was bad. Everyone in this real-life tragedy failed those deceased children. Listening to that mother in court was unreal. She really felt like she did the right thing. Many people, of course, would argue differently.

When I was reading this book, I immediately thought of that mother and her two deceased children. It’s always interesting to me how life can imitate art and art can imitate life. Such a fine line. 


I definitely recommend this book. At first, it may be a little hard to understand what’s going on and some parts may need to be read a couple of times to “get it.” But once you get it, you got it! 😉😎

Before, Before the Before, After, and June won’t make sense at first, but I encourage you to keep reading. It definitely gets better. When I tell you that I couldn’t put this work of art down… that’s what I mean! This book is definitely relatable. 

Reading about Claudia and Monday sent me back to my teenage years of having a best friend and doing girly things. Having sleepovers. Talking on the phone. Hanging together in school and after school. Going to the mall. Talking about boys. The only difference is that my friends weren’t murdered, they only moved away…

If you can relate or if you read this book, comment below. I’d love to know your thoughts. 😉