So often we hear about the dangers attached to sticking our faces in computer, cellphone, and tablet screens all day, every day! 

To the point where mental health professionals are considering it a disruption to sleep, concentration… hell, even walking. 

Here are 12 habits that can take its place from time to time. I mean, a little down time never hurt anyone. 😎


Seriously, tho… it’s like we’ve really regressed and hate face-to-face contact unless we have to do it.

I know that we have to adapt to the changing world around us and I’m not saying that technology isn’t doing its thing. What I am saying is that we can’t lose the art of human connection. 

Talking without a screen. Verbal and non-verbal cues. All the things that make what a person saying, how they say it, and the cues that accompany it… understandable. So things don’t get… lost in translation.


Technology and social media should enhance our human connections, not take its place. What will happen when the day comes where we really don’t have to have any face-to-face contact anymore. 

That’s coming, you know. People already choose to work from home and companies are adopting that policy as well. Therapy is done over text or Skype… so are doctor appts in some cases.

Soon, it will be completely gone.

I say all this to say… take some time away from the screen. I mean, face it. Those same folks will be there tomorrow and it will be like you haven’t missed a beat.  ❤ 😉