Carrying a gun on your person requires certain things, mainly a license and sense about how the gun operates. However, one man had a serious problem that landed him in the hospital b/c of his negligence.

A 46-year-old, Indiana man decided to put his gun in his waistband and take a walk. When the gun started to slip b/c it wasn’t properly secured and the safety wasn’t on, it actually shot him in the penis. Story here along with the PD’s press release. 


Word of Advice

download (1)Listen, Mason… 

If you’re gonna carry a gun, don’t be stupid about it!

At the very least have a holster b/c that’s what they are for… so the gun doesn’t slip and people like you don’t misfire it into their penises. 

Also, if you’re going to have your injuries treated at the hospital… realize they have to call the police. If the police realize that you don’t have a permit for that gun, that misfired into your penis, that’s more trouble you will face!

Everyone wants to be big and bad, carrying a gun, but yet they don’t know how to carry it properly. 

Yes, I can say that b/c I HAD a gun permit. I don’t have one any longer nor do I have a gun for no reasons! However, I do know how to carry it, keep it safely tucked away, and clean it… but most of all, license it! 🙂