Naming a baby is an interesting process for new and veteran parents alike! Mothers and fathers have fought over or debated on choosing the “perfect” name for their newborn.

There are a few ways to do it. Some people choose to wait until the child is born while others pick the name long before the child takes their first breath. Some go with historic or biblical names while others choose a name in the family.

While I believe people have a right to chose any name they want for their child, I still caution people to be reasonable b/c their child has to live with that name and whatever ridicule that comes along with it. 

Well, this expectant mother chose a relatively long and unusual first name for her child and got very upset when the people in her life started gossiping about it. So much so, that she canceled her baby shower. Story here.


Story Recap:

This woman named her baby Squire Sebastian Senator as a first name. That’s right, that’s the baby’s whole first name. Well, once it was known that she was sticking with this name, the woman became very upset and canceled her baby shower.

She wrote a FB post to her family and friends addressing her concerns: 


According to the article, she also stated, “His name is Squire Sebastian Senator. That is that. You cannot force me to change his name. This is that name I was meant to give him. No, that is not his full name. Squire Sebastian Senator‘ is only his first name.

She goes on to say, “This is how it will be. He will not be allowed to have a nickname, he is to be called by his full and complete first name. He will not be allowed to have a nickname! If he even thinks about having his friends call him “Squi Seb Sen” he is GROUNDED!”

She concluded with, “…my baby’s name will make people question everything and have an existential crisis, and yours will be stuck with the dumbass name of Brian. Take that, CATHY. Anyway, if any of us have the pleasure of meeting Squire Sebastian Senator one day, we know not to start shit with his mother. Lesson learned.”

A Rant in my Spirit:

downloadListen, Teresa…

While you have the choice to name your child whatever you want, that first name is a lot to take in. No, it’s not George, Travis, Cory, or Matthew, but I just think it’s a little selfish to think about what you want vs what the child will have to live through with that name. 

I think the funniest thing about this whole article is that the mother’s name isn’t shared. The reader doesn’t know her name, but that’s probably on purpose b/c her own name may be boring and overused, but more importantly, normal. 

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not name-shaming her, but let’s be real. That child will probably get picked on for that long ass name. I wonder how she will handle that? Will she keep this same energy? Hmmm… Let’s not talk about the child learning to spell his name. Geez! 

All I’m saying is think about the child and their experiences with this name. It’s not fair b/c they can’t choose their own name, but be reasonable. Sebastian would have been just fine for a first name, but this ain’t my child. 

Sending that FB post to your friends and family doesn’t even make sense. They weren’t judging him, they were judging you! 

They were trying to get you to think about this, but you came off hella defensive and that’s probably b/c you know you’re wrong for this.

Grounding your son over his nickname and for something other children are doing isn’t rational or logical. That truly doesn’t make sense.

I just want you to keep this same energy when he starts having issues on the playground or in the neighborhood b/c it’s very likely. *shrug*

In closing:

download (1)Keep in mind, that I wrote a post about naming children, click here, when another woman named her child, Abcde. :/

Like I mentioned earlier, this seems really selfish and borderline absurd. Usually, when choosing a name, a lot of thought is put into it. However, this doesn’t seem like she did that.

It seems that she’s throwing a tantrum to get what she wants, like a spoiled brat. I really wonder what the father of the child is saying about all of this?

Finally, I just wonder about how the child will be perceived in life when he has to find a job or he wins an award in school or just in general b/c we know that people judge others based on their names sometimes. 

I will say, good luck tho. :/