As a child, learning to read is life-changing! It may start out slow at first, but as you read more and practice words, it becomes like second nature. 

When reading a book, many things happen at once. You are introduced to whole new worlds. Your imagination soars. Imaginary places become real. Characters become friends. You learn more and more. Plus, you can even lose yourself in the book… if it’s good enough. 🙂

Let’s dive into the many benefits that come along with reading books! Story here.


Why I Love Reading:

Personally, it happened when I was a preteen.

I got into trouble… a lot and my mom would put me on punishment all the time. Punishment means no TV, no friends, and no going outside to play all at the same time. 😦 The only thing I could do was stay in my room.

Since I was stuck in one place without a TV, just looking at the walls… I started to read more. It started with the Babysitter’s Club book series. After that, it was a wrap! I read everything!

I even read some books that my mom was reading, which of course, were way too grown for my teenage mind. Think Omar Tyree’s book, Flyy Girl. I still read them, unbeknownst to her. I just made sure I put it back the way I found it and she was none the wiser. 🙂

Of course, the foundation of my reading habit followed me into adulthood. For a while, I was only reading textbooks b/c I was in college and grad school. As recently as the latter part of last year, I got back into reading for fun.

In closing

We all know that books can be tons of fun! Now, I read one book a month for this blog b/c it’s a form of self-care and very relaxing. It helps by providing knowledge, expanding my vocabulary, and allowing me to develop better writing skills. ❤

I invite you to join in the conversation and even recommend some books to read and review in the comment section below. To find more information about the books I have read and their reviews, click here