At one time or another, we have heard parents talk about their toddlers being picky eaters. They may say their child likes one thing one day, but the next day it’s something different. Or all my child wants to eat is chicken nuggets. 

Some mothers have pulled out their hair in frustration while others have tried reason. Neither made mealtimes any easier.  I mean, it comes with the parenting territory, right? 

Whether it’s a phase they are going through or just how they are… there’s hope! Enter Chrissy Teigen. Story here.


Chrissy decided to empower and motivate Luna, a 2.5-year-old, to eat the foods she liked and get the necessary nutrition that she needed.  

How you may ask?

Chrissy did the one thing that appeals to all toddlers. She allowed her to participate, to be helpful. Yep, she made Luna a menu and treated her like she was in a real restaurant.  

This idea allowed many great things to happen at once. First, it allowed Luna to assert her independence, choose what she wanted to eat, and then enjoy what she chose all while being helpful to mom. 

Additionally, it allowed Chrissy to prepare the food Luna wanted while cutting down on the worry and frustration that mealtimes can often produce. It seems like a way to bypass the toddler meltdowns and cut down on the risk of wasting food.

Basically, it takes the guessing out of the equation.

If you look closer… you can see that Chrissy added a dollar amount to the bottom of each meal, which can be used to teach Luna about money. Chrissy stated, “I think toddlers will value what they pay for… using fake money of course.” 🙂

Either way, it seems this creative and realistic idea will make mealtimes better and easier for herself, Luna, and many other moms that are interested in this approach. Hopefully, it works so that she can use it with Miles when he gets older. ❤

Parents, is this an idea that could work for your toddler? What other ideas do you have that worked for you? Comment below.