At one time or another, I am sure we have all heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test whether it’s through work, school, or the Internet. 

Basically, the personality test is designed to let you know about your personality through how you score on their scale from one extreme to the other. There are four scales and the results come in many combinations. 

From Introversion to Extroversion, Sensing to iNtuition, Thinking to Feeling, and finally, Judging to Perceiving. Click here for more information.


My truth: I am an extreme introvert according to my Myers-Briggs results.

My full MBTI result is ISTP.

What does that mean? It means that I like alone time to recharge and being around people drains my energy, life force. No, seriously… people can be a bit exhausting to me, but that really is the definition of an introvert. 

This is not to say that I don’t like being around people b/c face it, we all need other people for one thing or another and that lonely life ain’t the business. However, sometimes people can be the opposite of fun especially when your energy is on or near E (empty).


On most days, this can be my attire. Well, I mean… minus the skirt, boots, and shades. I definitely don’t leave my house without my headphones, phone, or hoodie. Those accessories are a MUST

On the flipside, there are some cool things that can be said for introverts such as… 

Yes, I have shirts that are similar to what’s shown here and the survival kit is spot on! Add a PlayStation and some games… I’d never leave the house except to get some fresh air!

Quick Story: I was in NC with my mom for a few days and she noticed a shirt I was wearing. She said, “Every shirt you have says, ‘don’t come near me.’ I laughed and said I get a lot of compliments on this shirt 🙂 I had on a shirt that said, “I used to be a people person. Then, people ruined it.” My favorite shirt by far. ❤

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? What’s the most important thing about your personality that you wish people knew or understood? Comment below.