We all know that people can come up with some pretty interesting names. Names like Female, La-shia, Sailor, Pilot, Inspektor, JerMondi, Watermelondrea. I mean, I can go on and on. 

Regardless of the name we are given, nobody should have to endure bullying b/c of their name. I mean, they didn’t even pick their own name, so why would the person with the name be bullied b/c of it? Someone should share this knowledge with the lady that worked for Southwest. Story here.


Story Recap

A woman and her daughter were getting ready to board a flight. The woman, Traci, presented both her and her daughter’s boarding pass to the agent, then was immediately met with laughter. Out loud and boisterous.


B/c the little girl’s name was Abcde (pronounced Ab-city). Traci chose to give her 5-year-old daughter the name of Abcde. So, when the agent read the boarding pass, it caused her to laugh out loud. 

Unprofessional, sure. Trifflin, definitely. Uncalled for, absolutely. 

When Traci heard the agent laughing, she immediately told her to stop saying, “If I can hear you, then my daughter can too.” Traci later would find out that the boarding pass was uploaded onto social media by the ticket agent.

Southwest wouldn’t say if they fired the agent for mocking the little girl’s name, but they did say that they acted in accordance with their policies and procedures. They also apologized for the agent’s behavior.

A Rant in my Spirit

imagesListen… you mean to tell me that Traci didn’t think that naming her child Abcde would cause any backlash from people? None at all?  

Of course, we expect adults in a professional space to act as adults and in a professional manner, but I really wonder if Traci would have kept that same energy if the mocking came from other children? 

Let’s face it, what you name your child is important… and while she shouldn’t have been mocked for her name in an airport, we know that being mocked for her name in school is possible. 

Why? B/c some children are CRUEL!

I do NOT condone bullying. 

But the reality is that the little girl may draw unwanted attention at school and other places b/c of her name. Sure, Traci should be able to name her child whatever she wants, but in the schoolyard… it could be an issue.

Low-key, I want to know her motivation in choosing it. *shrug*

A Word of Advice

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Like I said before, choosing a child’s name so important mostly b/c that child will have to find a job one day. 

We all remember that time when Raven-Symone said she wouldn’t hire someone named Watermelondrea b/c the name alone was “too ghetto.” She said regardless of the credentials, work ethic, background… she wouldn’t hire Watermelondrea. 

Twitter dragged Raven from China to Albuquerque. 

If Watermelondrea Kelly Wilson was suddenly W. Kelly Wilson… I am positive Raven-Symone wouldn’t know the difference until it was almost too late. Keep in mind, she also said she was from all the countries in Africa too, so… there’s that. 

Anyway, it’s true that rich people can name their child anything they want such as Pilot, Plum, Inspektor, Ocean, Rumer, Heiress, Royalty.

You know why? B/c these children won’t have to find a real job one day. Their parents are rich and famous.

However, for regular folks, the name you give your child can prevent them from being taken seriously or getting a job in their adult lives.

So, I caution you to be mindful, think long and hard about the names you choose for your children. While it shouldn’t, sadly it does, matter in the long run.