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I have wanted to write this post for a long time. By now, you know they have confirmed Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. *roll eyes*

Nobody is shocked by it. It’s more so of a disappointment b/c it means that even though the testimony that Christine Ford made in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee was heard, nobody on that committee was listening. As we all know, hearing and listening are two totally different things.

Mrs. Ford said that she was sexually assaulted while they were in high school back in the 80s. Kavanaugh denied the allegations. Still, he’ll move forward and be confirmed without so much as a second thought.

His allegations will never be explored in court and he’ll probably never have to face jail time or anything. Even the Cheeto-looking president mocked Mrs. Ford saying that if she didn’t testify, they wouldn’t have moved forward with his impending confirmation.

Like, what? If anything, that testimony should have halted his impending confirmation. Please explain how it allowed him to maneuver quicker through the confirmation process?

Since when does rape or sexual assault allegations become rewarding. Oh, wait! The president had some of those same sexual assault allegations and he’s still president. Not mine, but your president. Interesting!


Although I believe her, this meme spoke volumes. I mean, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, and Stephon Clark to name a few… are all dead, right?!

Did their murderers (mostly white males) have a trial? Did they get off Scott-free when it came to the murders they committed? Has their life really been destroyed by their actions or did they move on to just suffer a brief setback and it was business as usual?

I think the latter. Stop with the fake outrage and stop with the bullshit! We all know George Zimmerman is a free man, walking, and breathing. Most recently, the cop that punched the 14-year-old African-American girl is going about his business as usual, still employed and collecting a paycheck.

Soapbox Moment

The cops that murdered Freddie Gray Jr. They weren’t touched. They are seemingly unbothered and it’s deplorable, despicable, and down right shameful.

It’s really insulting and disheartening! You know who’s lives have really been impacted by their crimes? The families of these black men, women, and boys. The families, the communities, the culture… ALL have been impacted. #blacklivesmatter


I don’t have any answers about how to deal with the psychological impact of systematic racism or rather white privilege and bullshit, but I can say to stay the course.

I am thankful that Colin Kaepernick took a knee and endured the hardships of that decision b/c he is definitely prospering now. I love to see high school athletes take a knee and stand for something so important. I love to see people marching for what’s right and for justice to be served on those who did wrong. These police officers are NOT above the law!

My own Soror, Sandra Bland, was about justice and knew her rights! I don’t believe she took her own life, BTW. She voiced her opinion on police brutality b/c it was wrong.

My point… is always that #blacklivesmatter! White privilege is why Kavaunagh on the Supreme Court bench and Agent Orange is president. I STAN for Kap! Keep moving forward… for the culture.