I often see many women asking about how to cope during the TWW.* Many women know that the time between their IUI*, FET*, or TI* and their beta (blood pregnancy test) is full of anxiety, sometimes tunnel vision, and lots worry. 


So, I thought I would put together a list of things to do while you WAIT to find out if the method you used became a viable pregnancy. Suggestions are:

Focus on other things: work, other children, family, friends, significant other, pets. 

Go do something: attend concerts, movies, dinner, exercise, read, write, watch TV, hang out with friends, journal.

Improvement: fix house, clean, prepare for baby, attend to health, take vitamins, exercise, upgrade home/car, eat properly.

Plan: Research, research, research! What do I mean? Think about childcare, put away money for later, do you have enough leave saved at work, healthcare costs, birth plan, hospital or home birth, build your support system (it takes a village)… needs that are big in the event you are pregnant. What’s your plan?

Testing: Of course, you will want to take a HPT* to see if you are pregnant or not before going to the doctor. Yes, there may be many symptoms that you experience causing you to believe you are pregnant.

I caution that it’s better to wait, but some women are tempted to give in. In that case, do what you feel, but testing too early can cause disappointments.

Remember: Implantation happens between days 6 and 12 after ovulation. It is possible to implant late, so waiting for the Beta is recommended.

Do you have anything to add that I may have missed? How did you get through your TWW? Comment below. 


**FET = Fresh/Frozen Embryo Transfer, TI = Timed Intercourse, IUI = Intrauterine Insemination, TWW = Two Week Wait, HPT = Home Pregnancy Test