I saw a Soror on FB mention how she couldn’t put this book down. She said it took her 2 days to read it because it was that good. So, I went to purchase a copy for my Nook app on my tablet. I will not spoil the book, but I will give a brief synopsis and my thoughts on it.

Allegedly by Tiffany D. Jackson


This book is about a girl named Mary Addison, who was accused of murdering a 3-month old baby when she was only 9 years old herself. It was her, her mother, and the baby in the home at the time of the tragedy. The baby belonged to a neighbor, as Mary’s mother, Dawn, was babysitting her for the evening.

The book follows an older Mary Addison, who recently got out of jail and is now staying in a group home at the age of 16. Her mother visits every 2 weeks, 15 minutes at a time, like clockwork.

The book details the relationship between Mary and her mother, Mary’s struggles now and growing up with her mother, the relationships between Mary and the other girls in the house, and shows how corrupt the state is when it comes to dealing with children in the system. I mean, we all know that children in the care of the state or sometimes dealing with social workers, group homes, judges, etc. isn’t a cake walk. There are many children that fall through the cracks due to social workers and others being overworked, they have heavy caseloads, or are just burnt out. 

The book has many twists and turns that you don’t even see coming, so the author definitely does a great job of keeping the reader in suspense and engaged. It definitely takes you through many emotions. I know I felt sad, disappointed, frightened, content, happy, hopeful, and even judge-y because I was so enmeshed in the writing and storytelling.

Overall, I suggest that you give this book a try because it truly is a solid read and you won’t want to put it down! Allegedly. 🙂